Since 2003, companies and individual clients in Metro Detroit trusted M.S. Title Agency with their real estate transactions. You want to know why?

Who We Are

Passion and Leadership

For two decades and counting, M.S. Title Agency provided excellent service in the title insurance industry throughout Metro Detroit area.

As a full service title agency, we give our clients comprehensive yet seamless real service, which include:

  • Residential title insurance
  • Commercial title insurance
  • Title searches
  • Escrow services
  • Settlement and closing

Years Experience

Greatest Goal and Achievement

We exist to provide you with timely, accurate, client-centered, results-oriented, and ethical service that can bring out success in your real estate transactions.

Professional Approach

Our teams are composed of passionate, knowledgeable, and savvy professionals in the real estate industry, who are dedicated to assisting you with all your title needs.

Our Services

A Customer-centered Firm

Our accomplished staff at M.S. Title has successfully managed thousands of real estate transactions, and we are ready to help you get the same positive results.

As our customer, your satisfaction is our end goal. From simple refinancing to the most complex commercial real estate transactions, you can rely on to close your deals smoothly, legally, and without any surprises or delays.

Develop a transaction structure and agreement that meet your goals and guarantee your assets’ security.
Broaden your purchase options by accessing hundreds to thousands of titles listed in public records.
Protect yourself from financial losses sustained from complications in any property purchase.
Enjoy a hassle-free process when settling and closing your real estate transactions.
Have peace of mind as you get the best advantage out of your commercial deals.


What Our Clients Say

“The working relationship exemplifies standards not found in many businesses today. They have proven to be committed to operational excellent, and at the forefront of innovation in their services.”


“In many cases, M.S. Title has corrected title defects in place from prior policies or commitments. We have referred consumer mortgage based on our level of satisfaction on the commercial side.”


“Many of these parcels had title issues and required a reputable and diligent title company to assist in clearing titles. M.S. Title’s honesty, personal service, and attention to detail have benefitted us by resolving our titles issues.”


“I have found this title company to provide excellent service, that not only identifies issues but works diligently to resolve them.”


“I am a practicing for 35 years, and can unequivocally state that there is no other title company as M.S. Title Agency that provides as good a product or such personal, fast, and efficient service. Their online services are a convenience not afforded by other title companies, and are indicative of their anticipating our needs and reacting positively to them.”



Our Partners and Memberships

M.S. Title Agency is proud to be an authorized agent of the First American Title Insurance Company and North American Title Insurance Company. We are also a member of the American Land Title Association and Michigan Land Title Association.